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Limited Service Guarantee Terms & Conditions

To be eligible for the Resolution Process and the Limited Service Guarantee, you must be a consumer member of ChooseApro who has agreed to be bound by our general Terms and Conditions, and have used a ChooseApro Certified Service Professional who was referred to you by ChooseApro in response to a Service Request submitted to ChooseApro. You must also have entered into a written contract or agreement with the ChooseApro Certified Service Professional within 90 days from the date that your Service Request was submitted. The Resolution Process and Limited Service Guarantee are not applicable under the following circumstances:
  i.work that is performed without a written contract or agreement signed by both parties;
  ii.For work performed by someone other than the ChooseApro Certified Service Professionals that were referred to you directly by ChooseApro in response to your Service Request;
  iii.For any materials, equipment, appliances or other machinery, whether or not provided by you or the Certified Service Professional;
  iv.For work that extends beyond the scope or description of the original Service Request you submitted to ChooseApro.
  v.with respect to Service Requests that are not for an individual consumer requesting service for the consumer's residential property (i.e. not applicable for Service Requests submitted by commercial entities such as property management companies, real estate investment companies, or home builders);
  vi.If you have not contacted ChooseApro customer service via phone, e-mail, letter, fax, or online "live chat" within 30 days following the completion of the project;
  vii.For breaches of contractual obligations or agreements between you and the service professional;
  viii.For liens placed on your property by the service professional.
  x.If you have failed to seek a remedy directly from the service professional.
Documentation: ChooseApro takes all complaints against our Certified Service Professionals seriously. To initiate the Resolution Process, all complaints must be thoroughly and accurately documented in writing and copies of all related documents, including original signed contracts or agreements, evidence of payments, signed change orders, etc. be provided up front. Should you choose to lodge a written complaint against a ChooseApro Certified Service Professional you are acknowledging that ChooseApro may share your complaint with the Certified Service Professional. We may notify a Service Professional of a consumer complaints related to a consumer's ChooseApro’s Service Request 

Facilitating Communication: Our experience shows that in most cases, communication between you and the Certified Service Professional can resolve most problems. ChooseApro will, at the request of a Consumer or a Certified Service Professional, attempt to contact the other party and relay specific concerns related to a ChooseApro Service Request. We will endeavor to help both parties reach a mutually acceptable resolution to any disputes. ChooseApro is not responsible or liable to either the Consumer or the Certified Service Professional if a mutually acceptable resolution is not reached. 

3rd Party Evaluation: Based on having initiated a proper Resolution Process, including the Consumer's provision of all required documentation, and in the event that a Consumer and a Certified Service Professional are unable or unwilling to agree upon a resolution, ChooseApro may elect, in its sole discretion, to have another ChooseApro Certified Service Professional ("Reviewing Service Professional") inspect the service or project, potentially including a job site visit and interviewing the Consumer, and render their opinion to ChooseApro as it relates to the workmanship and service of the original Certified Service Professional. If ChooseApro chooses to employ this approach, which is solely at ChooseApro's discretion, then the Consumer must accommodate such a visit and provide complete and accurate information to the Reviewing Service Professional. 

Limited Service Guarantee: In the event that a Consumer and a Member Service Professional are still unable or unwilling to agree upon a resolution, the Consumer may, in HomeAdvisor's sole discretion, be eligible for the Limited Service Guarantee. To be eligible for the Limited Service Guarantee, the Consumer must:

Have provided accurate and truthful information via the Service Request;
 2.Have entered into a signed (by both consumer and the Certified Service Professional), written contract or agreement for a home service or project within the scope of the Service Request, with a Certified Service Professional that was referred to the Consumer directly by ChooseApro in response to a Service Request;
 3.Have supplied ChooseApro with written documentation describing consumer's complaint regarding the Certified Service Professional's workmanship or service and provided all requested additional documentation;
 4.Have complied with any request by ChooseApro for a 3rd Party Evaluation;
 5.Have complied with all of the terms described herein.

In the event that all above conditions are met by the Consumer, ChooseApro may, in its sole discretion, grant the Consumer the Limited Service Guarantee in an amount equal to the Consumer's actual out of pocket monetary losses, such amount not to exceed $500 (the "Limited Service Guarantee Amount"). ChooseApro shall have the right to choose whether to have another ChooseApro Certified Service Professional ("Remedy Service Professional") provide service to remedy the workmanship or services in dispute, and in such case ChooseApro may, in its sole discretion, pay the Limited Service Guarantee Amount to the Remedy Service Professional directly, or directly to the Consumer. ChooseApro reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine the form of the Limited Service Guarantee Amount.